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We Value Your Feedback

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“This apartment is so beautiful and the staff is amazing! Love living here! The amenities in the building are always clean and maintenance requests are completed on the spot!”


  • “Great community and love the pool and clubhouse ! My daughter loves taking our pup to the dog park! Very safe and nice community , definitely recommend”

    – Emily L.

  • “I’m still really new to the community but I’m liking what I see. Victoria has been very helpful in handling any minor concerns that I may have experienced. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the capital crest team. It already feels like home.”

    – Connie D.

  • “Perfect place to live just wish the trash compactor was closer or they had valet trash lol, no complaints other than that. Property is well kept and neighbors are pretty cool and nice.”

    – Jakeel S.

  • “Beautiful property, apartment is IMMACULATE, the staff is very helpful & pleasant. And they are very dog friendly! Everything is within the area which means convenience. Would definitely recommend!”

    – Kenya B.

  • “The adminities are a great fit for the area, for animal lovers, theirs a park. Nice pool with the gym and study hall next to it. We also have access to vacuums and a car wash/ cleaning station.”

    – Clarence B.

  • “Great apartment and price for the location. Clean environment and quiet neighborhood for the most part. Awesome amenities including a professional gym with ample space and equipment.”

    – Cianna S.

  • “Great apartment community. Quiet, safe and well kept. Nice amenities and neighbors. I’ve lived here for almost three years and have no complaints.”

    – Candace K.

  • “So far this community seems really nice. The people at the front office are kind even if there was some misunderstandings, it got fixed. My apartment is pretty, I like the location and amenities here.”

    – Cherish G.

  • “We have some community area maintenance issues that are becoming long term. The gas to the grills and fire pit has been off for sometime now?? The door lock to the clubhouse has been broken but I think finally relayed so that’s good.and the water feature in the pond has been off for a long time. The property manager isn’t on site often so there seems to be a real delay in needed repairs.”

    – Lisa M.

  • “The apartment is great. The amenities are good. The set-up is awesome and the kitchen is beautiful. The freezer was smelly and had flies when we moved in. Maintenance has flushed it, but it still smells. The hallways leading to the doors are not the cleanest. We love living here. The inside of our apartment is spacious and the porch is awesome. Quiet community.”

    – Sydney T.

  • “Love how quiet the community is and well kept it is. We see people move out but then always people moving right in. We just need a fresh paint on the building . Yellow doors need a touch up!”

    – Nicole R.

  • “Not bad of a place but it can be noisy in the weekends. Maintenance crew is fast and efficient. The amenities may have broken fixtures for months before being corrected.”

    – Andres C.

  • “This is a great place to live! The amenities are always so well upkept and so are the areas around the buildings. The walkways for the buildings could definitely use a face lift. A nice power wash or some paint along with the steps coul be power washed. They don’t do the building much justice. From going through the walkways you’d never think the apartments are so beautiful on the inside but they are.”

    – Tiara H.

  • “It has been great. Maintenance is fast. Apartment is wonderful. Washing machine is small and so is dryer. Great location. Cat approved. It wasn’t the cleanest when we moved in.”

    – Sydney T.

  • “Safe and quite. Beautiful grounds and great amenities. Adequate parking. The rent spike was disappointing, but overall a great apartment community.”

    – Candace K.

  • “Love living here ! Great people and amenities! We have a toddler and we have never questioned safety for her or us here ! 10/10 ! Everyone who works here especially Victoria are great and super kind !”

    – Emily L.

  • “I like living here with access to the gym and clubhouse at anytime. The gym is well maintained as is the pool kept clean from any debris or trash.”

    – William J.

  • “The leasing staff has been very helpful throughout my new move in process and everyone in the community seems pretty friendly so far and reserved”

    – Devin O.

  • “So far I can see that the exterior is maintained well, the location is convenient to shopping, its mainly a quiet area, and the non-smoking community is definitely a plus!”

    – Latonya T.

  • “We haven’t moved in yet, but Victoria is the best. The apartment looks so pretty and clean. Very excited! Love that there are multiple amenities and a gym and a dog park.”

    – Sydney T.

  • “I’ve noticed areas in the community where pet owners have neglected to clean up after their pets. I can appreciate individuals who have and love their fur babies. However, if they choose to have pets they should be more responsible and courteous of their neighbors and the community. It puts a poor light on us as a whole and is so disrespectful.”

    – Christopher S.

  • “The community is very nice and kept clean. I really appreciate all the extra amenities that are available to us. The dog park is one of my favorites.”

    – Marcus S.

  • “The move in was a rough, the condo was very dirty, a rug was several stained with the past tenants pet waste and the entire place smelled terrible. Management has said the rug will be replaced and the unit will be cleaned, but I think all of this should have been done in advance. We do like it here, but after driving 1200 miles to get here, staying up until 11 pm that first night cleaning was not a perfect start. The ladies in the leasing office have been FANTASTIC to deal with and I’m pretty sure once all the bumps are dealt with, my 4 star will turn into a 5 star. I would just suggest that in between tenants, someone does a thorough inspection of the units to check for cleanliness.”

    – Matthew M.

  • “The community seems to be great, I would like the ground crew to come and sweep/blow the walkways out. It seems that residents leave trash on the ground which is very unpleasant.”

    – Jennifer T.

  • “I really enjoy living here and is the reason I have continued living here. The gym and amenities are great. But the one thing that annoys me is the dog poop situation here. Everywhere I go I see dog poop. I myself have dogs and clean up after them. But seems no one else cares even though dog stations are everywhere….”

    – Benjamin W.

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